Making smart automation technology smarter.

Our vision is to have our SaaS provide the most complete set of features in proptech automation bringing more comfort and convenience, in return subscribers feel moreĀ empowered from home automation which incorporates all the IoT protocols.

Auto-discovery IoT protocols

Smart automation technology is a growing industry


of US households have at least 1 smart device

$174 billion

expected global revenue of the smart home market by 2025

63 million

connected homes expected in the US by 2022

$3.1 billion

expected growth of home automation technology by 2023

The problem is, today's smart technology isn't very smart.

Is a home truly smart and connected if you need an app, designated tablet, or voice-activated gadget for every device?

The solution? GreatTEK

GreatTEK will provide a complete, seamlessly integrated system, making virtually every aspect of a home or building connected via one app.

Essentially controlling lighting, security, climate control, energy management and sanitization against variants & mutations.

Notification & Scheduling

Automating tasks around a property can be extremely helpful in order to manage some trivial tasks with energy management and smart sanitation in a building. The ability to schedule tasks like turning on and off devices during peek hours or at a preferred time can lead to cost savings measures for your bottom line. Scheduling is absolutely essential for a variety of tasks that can be associated with climate control, lighting, security and safety in a world after COVID-19, such as optical disinfection. Getting push notifications when proptech automation tasks have been completed is reassuring and helpful.

Indeed, our platform does more than the common building automation tasks, it helps to protect building occupants against germs with germicidal optical disinfection. Similar to many of GreatTek proprietary IoT devices, motion sensors are builtin so no additional motion hubs are needed as we pass the savings to our end-users. Our unique LED UV sanitation can be deactivated as you approach the device while its disinfecting virus mutations and variants from your personal items placed under it .

Help us transform homes, cities, and enterprises with seamless smart automation.